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The fulfillment of your wishes is our motivation. Your craziest cravings take us every day to surpass ourselves and cultivate our imagination.

Always looking for new ideas and constantly evolving, everything is implemented without any concession to obtain the perfect combination of flavors and ambiances.

We are a small company with great values who caters to the desires of our clients.

Every day, we give the best of ourselves to guarantee exceptional service.


Godelive Mukandila

I I am Chef Godelive and my passion for cooking started when I was 12 years old. Being born in a family of 13 children, it was always necessary to cook a lot. Over time, my love for cooking began to stir a small fire in me and it was at that moment that I realized exactly what I wanted to do not just simple cuisine but rather the creation of new flavors and enjoyment with the eyes. During my career, I had the privilege of working alongside a great chef from the very great Atelier Gourmand caterer in Belgium, Christophe Vanderkelen.